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When it comes to people dining out and seeking a vibrant nightlife, tasty food and drink specials only go so far. Your venue needs something for your customers to do so that they are engaged and having fun, spending more time at your place of business and making a point to come back and become regulars. So how do you make this happen? Music Poker is one option that can cater to a wide demographic range with a little something for everyone, and it’s an easy tradition to kick off with Advanced Entertainment.

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“He makes sure that the bar-restaurant isn’t boring anymore. Highly recommend hiring his services 🔥” – Kim Aquino | Edmonton, Alberta 
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Your customers will love music poker and here’s why:

  • They will enjoy the thrills of exciting gameplay through multiple rounds split up with music trivia, jackpot giveaways, prize wheels, and speed rounds.

  • Your customers will love hearing their favorite tunes all night, and with thousands of hits, we have something for everyone.

  • It’s a great way to get customers socializing and having fun, which keeps the food and drink orders coming.

  • You can pair specials on the menu with game bonuses, so your customers will be encouraged to play!


Tarcy is an awesome DJ and has a really cool new interactive experience with Music Poker! He’s a lot of fun to work with and has great ideas! – Heather McLaren | Edmonton, Alberta

Music Poker combines traditional poker, trivia, and karaoke, showcasing a large library of music to energize any bar crowd. Singing along is encouraged—lyrics even show on the game monitors for those who may not remember all the words—and the music will cater to the crowd. Experienced Music Poker dealers know how to read the crowd and focus on the right musical catalog, choosing from thousands of different songs spanning from the 1930s through today’s hits.

If you have any questions or would like to host music poker at your venue, give us a callemail, or fill out our contact form.

You will need to supply the venue and prizes and choose a set weekly time for Music Poker. After that, you can get started with everything else you need provided by Advanced Entertainment. Each week, your dealer will set up the game and liven up the crowd, so you can watch your sales grow as your customers have fun.

If you have any questions or would like to host music poker at your venue, give us a callemail, or fill out our contact form.

The best part of this game, for the players, is that you don’t actually have to KNOW how to play Poker. You also don’t need to KNOW the music! It’s simple and fun for everyone!

Your Dealer (the game host) will play clips of songs from one of about 80 different categories. If you happen to have that song on your play card, mark it off! The first two people to get all 5 cards in a straight line ACROSS the card will win that category’s hand prizes! We are always looking for the ‘X’ as well, which will get you the main prize in the category. For those who aren’t music buffs, no problem! We show the lyrics on the screen, and, because everything in our game is random (your cards and the computer’s choice in songs), you are more than welcome to use an identifying app like SHAZAM or SONGZA to figure out what is playing!

Bring your card up and collect your prize! You can still be beaten, though, as someone may have a better poker hand than you. For example: If you get a line with one pair, and someone else gets a line with two pair or better, then, unfortunately, they win. Just like getting beat in a real game of poker.

If you have any questions or would like to host music poker at your venue, give us a callemail, or fill out our contact form.

A lively combination of great music, interactive games, visiting and fun! Come out and play at one of our venues! Music Poker hosted by Advanced Entertainment can be found at:



  • O2’s in Millwoods



  • JT’s Bar & Grill in Edmonton

If you have any questions or would like to host music poker at your venue, give us a callemail, or fill out our contact form.



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